Guwahati is gearing up for yet another night of brutal assault as Fireball is back for its eighth edition. This time, Rocka Rolla in association with Chizwu Communication brings you Death/Grind masters Benighted all the way from France for a night of unrelenting headbanging & moshpits. Their Indian counterpart Gutslit from Mumbai will be co-headlining the show with support from bands such as Chronic Xorn (Kolkata), Eclipse (Guwahati), Shades of Retribution (Duliajan) & Obliterating Vortex (Darjeeling). The venue of the gig is O2, Panjabari & the date is 19th of November, 2017.

Fireball 2017 Poster

Benighted is currently touring Asia as a part of their Necrobreed tour. They’ve recently concluded a Europe mini-tour in support of their ‘Necrobreed’ album promotion. Gutslit also had a successful Europe album launch tour in support of their sophomore album ‘Amputheatre’. The last edition of Fireball witnessed Soulmate & Third Sovereign headline the event & this year too the organizers wish to see a decent crowd on the night of the gig.

So this Sunday, metal up your ass for some grinding violence because you don’t want to regret later!

Official Facebook event here.

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