Chester Bennington was the Dalai Lama to all teenagers and adults alike in the late 90’s. There are probably only a handful of people who don’t know who Chester was. Chester Bennington was an American singer and songwriter best known as the frontman for the rock band Linkin Park. He was the person who sang lullabies to adolescents. Endless days and nights, on headphones, on speakers, in band jams and parties we listened to him and made peace with our issues in life.

Chester passed away on 20th July, 2017 after fighting for long against depression and finally surrendered to it by ending his life. In his memory, his most dedicated followers in Silchar have organized a tribute show Iridescent: A Tribute to Chester Bennington on the 10th of August, 2017, at the District Library Auditorium presented by New Scratch Order, with media partner Headtilts, Studio partners The Minimalist Studios & Records and TownHall TM.

New Scratch Order is an association involving local musicians and music enthusiasts with the sole purpose of providing a platform to artists to showcase their talent. This tribute gig is their first big step towards that endeavor. It is to be noted that the production house of TownHall TM are busy making a small documentary about the late vocalist’s huge influence on local LP soldiers. The line up for the event includes performances by Meluha, The Minimalist, Quarantine Theory, Xnotes (A Tribute Project), Under the Faith and Ace Unchecked.

It would please you to know that Quarantine Theory will be reuniting after almost 2 years of hiatus, as their drummer Aranyak Das had to leave Silchar for pursuing higher studies, which left their band in a state of limbo. He then went on to join Bangalore/Dubai based band Kaihon last year. There will also be a few solo acts by local artists. The organizers hope to see a significant gathering of his followers as well as all music enthusiasts in the upcoming event on 10th, to show their support to this tribute.

You can see the whole list of Chester Bennington memorials taking place all over the globe right here.

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