In view of the upcoming ‘Echoes to Come’ tour on the 5th of August, we spoke to Godless who will be supporting Psycroptic’s act throughout the tour in India. For those who don’t know, Godless are new but a significantly potential death metal band based in Hyderabad. Their music is powerful, tight and radical. They have already released an EP called ‘Centuries of Decadence’ and performed in a significant number of gigs till date.

Tell us about your initial idea behind the formation of Godless. How did you guys come to find each other?
The idea for Godless came about around early 2015. We got together a bunch of musicians who apart from having the same direction musically also had the same kind of commitment and seriousness with the band. All of us apart from Kaushal have been a part of the Hyderabad music scene for many years with various other bands so we knew each other quite well already. Kaushal is a part of Eccentric Pendulum and they’re very close friends of ours and suggested we ask him. He had a similar vision and that seemed to have worked out really well for the band.

In the beginning, was it difficult to find out what kind of music you guys wanted to play and experiment with?
We never really were sure of what kind of music we wanted to play. The band got together and started writing music for quite a few months and we hadn’t told anyone about it. We wrote a bunch of riffs and kept discarding them. Eventually when we wrote Infest we figured out that this is the direction we wanted to take and the rest of the songs just seemed to flow from there.

Any major influences that inspired you to play death metal?
There’s no formula behind writing Godless songs. We just intend on writing fast and aggressive music. Our roots are heavily planted in old thrash and death metal along with the newer bands as well. Some of the bands we like would be Slayer, Morbid Angel, Psycroptic, Decapitated, Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Aborted etc.

Tell us about Hyderabad’s current music scene.
The metal scene in Hyderabad is probably at its lowest we’ve seen in around 10 years. There aren’t any quality venues supporting the metal scene apart from the odd show here and there. Hyderabad always has a burst of gigs and then there’s months of no gigs. This causes bands to split and not stick around so the scene stagnates. That said, there are 2-3 bands currently that are actively writing music and trying to gig whenever there’s a chance so hopefully things pick up here soon.

Is our society or our cultural background the reason to the ever rising, ever growing scene of fast-paced, heavy music? If yes, how?
I wouldn’t be too sure if that the society and cultural background are behind the rise of this style of music. Our society does have enough things to be pissed about though and there are enough topics to discuss when people write this kind of music.

Any bands you’d want to collaborate with in the future?
I’m not sure if we’ve got intentions of collaborating with someone musically, but we definitely want to tour a lot more in the future along with bands we like.

Tell us about your debut EP ‘Centuries of Decadence’.
Once we had our musical direction defined around mid-2016, we got a bunch of songs down and wrote almost all the songs for the EP even before our first gig. We had 4 songs that we felt had a good flow and were happy with so decided to get into the studio and put out our debut EP. We’re big fans of Psycroptic and liked the sound Joe brought out for them in their mix so decided to approach him and get him to mix and master the record.

Has it been interesting to have worked with artists like Sean O’Kane Connolly and Joe Haley?
It really was. They’re both incredible musicians. Joe is just a master of his instrument and it’s quite evident with Psycroptic. Working with Sean was a pretty awesome experience as well. This was at a time when Kaushal wasn’t in the band and we wanted to release a demo so a future vocalist could have an idea of the direction of the music. Sean absolutely knocked it out of the park with his lyrics and vocal patterns and set the bar quite high. Kaushal really dug the music and the lyrics and they happen to perfect fit his style and he just took over the frontman duties of the band quite easily.

You guys have recently released the music video for ‘Oneiros’. How was the experience making this video?
It was a brand new experience for all of us except for Kaushal. We had no idea how to go about with things and what to expect but it was a really good experience for us.

Tell us about your social life and things you like to do in your spare time.
We all work full time jobs and the band takes up our time when we’re not working. Apart from this we just meet friends, drink, and smoke, watch movies, go to concerts, torture and kill hipsters etc. The usual stuff.

You will soon be playing in ‘Echoes to Come’ tour along with Fragarak, supporting Psycroptic in their Indian tour. Are you guys excited, all set for that?
We’re really excited about this tour. Like I mentioned earlier, we’re huge Psycroptic fans so this is a big deal for us. We’re friends with the Fragarak guys as well and it’ll be really cool to check out their new music while on tour.

What’s next after this tour ends?
We’ll take a break from gigging again and head back to working on our next record.

We, at Headtilts, thank you for talking to us and look forward to see you play on your tour. Anything you’d like to convey to our readers?
Thanks for talking to us and we look forward to seeing you on the tour as well. We’d just like to thank everyone that’s supported Godless over the years. Cheers.


Stay tuned for more! \mXm/

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