Fragarach (Noun): A Celtic sword, forged by the Gods which could cut through any shield or wall.

Fragarak is a prog death metal band hailing from Delhi are back with their swords and ready to demolish 6 cities supporting the Australian Tech Death Giants Psycroptic on their Indian Echoes to Come Tour. They have already given us a taste of whats in store for us with release of the 11 minute epic single off their upcoming album. They emerged into the scene with the release of their debut album back in 2013, which was received well by the meatheads. Ever since then they have performed around the major cities in India and gaining a cult underground fan base.

Read on to know more what they had in store to say to us:

Greetings from Headtilts. Tell us about your journey so far right from the beginning & what has changed on your way.

Greetings! Yes it has been a long journey for the band since our inception in 2012 and the debut album a year after that. Ever since then the band did 2 foreign tours, functioned with members coordinating from multiple cities, played local shows, composed newer material and overall evolved productively, which is now brought to life in the form of the sophomore full length release. 

August is gonna be a packed month for you guys. How are things going on in the jam room to support the upcoming nationwide tour?

Preps have been fully undergone to belt out the new songs from the album on all the live shows. 

The album features Louis Rando of Impiety fame on drums, a guitar solo by Vishal J. Singh of Amogh Symphony & an alap by Pavithra of Shadow & Light. Can you tell us about each off these collaborations & how you decided to go work with these artists? 

Louis has been a good friend of ours since a long time (China and South East Asia tour). We have been in talks with him since the time songwriting had been initiated for the album. Vishal helped us nail the guitar solo on the song “Fathoms of Delirium” with his collaboration on our musical direction for the track. Pavithra contributed with her Indian classical vocal range to add to the diversity of the album where alap was required to set the haunting ambience on one of the acoustic pieces. 

What are the songs that are going to be included in the setlist for the tour, as in will it be a mixed list with songs from the albums or just solely dedicated to the new one?

The set list on all the shows of the August tour will be 6-7 tracks from the new album.

Is Luis Rando coming down to perform the songs live for the tour as well? Or will Siddharth Manoharan (Djinn and Miskatonic, Nihilist, Dark Desolution) be filling his shoes this time as well (I believe he has toured with you guys before as well) ?

We will be supported by the very talented Vishesh Singh (from Delhi) for all the 7 cities of the August tour. 

Can we expect to see a full time drummer in Fragarak soon? Or will it be just the four of you?

As of now we’re a 4 piece act, and unless we have a full time drummer, we’re cool handling the compositions ourselves and functioning with a session. Let’s see how soon that changes.

Any particular city you guys are excited to perform in this tour?

Each of the cities have a different vibe to add on their own, so all the 7 cities should be interesting.

I had seen you guys perform in Bombay (Entombed Metal Fest) & then you guys travelled to Bangalore (Evilution) for a gig which was in the very next evening & that was in support of the band’s debut album & ever since then, Fragarak has come a long way performing in China & Nepal, touring with Impiety in Malaysia & now supporting Psycroptic on their Indian Echoes to Come tour. How did all these shape up?

Yeah, these tours shaped up quite timely and the previous ones worked out great. Hopefully, the August tour would be a blast as well!

Speaking about the album, I believe this is gonna be the longest release ever by an Indian band till date & it must’ve taken a lot of time to come up with this project. Can you share with us about when you started writing for this album & the role of each member in crafting each song for the album? 

Coming up with multiple ideas for composing the diverse parts in a song, setting the structures in place does take some time. However, things worked out favorably with all the 4 of us working together towards the same musical ambition. The album songwriting began by late 2015 till mid of 2016. Studio tracking was done from October till December, 2016.

It’s mentioned that this is a concept album narrated on a lunatic’s perspective. Can you shed some light on this world which we are going to explore through the lunatic’s mind? 

The focal idea of “A Spectral Oblivion” is to reveal the darker realms of human thought patterns and create an empathetic outlook on disordered mental expressions of reality. 

It is a story of one’s departed acquaintance and her favourite tune, being revealed retrospectively from the protagonist’s point of view that is delusional under the effect of his multi-personality traits and mood swings. Disordered metal conditions are evidently plaguing most of today’s generations. The overall impression is surrealistic and tries to look deeper into the architecture of the human consciousness.

Go catch them live on tour with Psycroptic & Godless

Stay tuned for more! \mXm/

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