After the untimely demise of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington, tributes started pouring in from all over the world. One can assess the gravity of my aforementioned statement by checking out YouTube only. This only goes to show the amount of profound respect the late singer used to get from his fans all over the globe.

Quite recently, Pritam Goswami Adhikary of Aarlon took to microphone to pay his tribute to Chester Bennington by covering Linkin Park’s signature song ‘Given Up’ off their album ‘Minutes to Midnight’. It’d always be tough to match his pitch and depth, if one aims to cover his songs. Chester’s songs were profound in their own specific ways, and the passion he sang with was always evident, be it either Linkin Park’s albums or their live shows. To cover his songs with that same passion and intensity is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea.

Pritam has really amazed us with a precise, well composed vocal cover of ‘Given Up’ on his YouTube channel and we just had to bring it to your precious notice. It starts off rather intensely on cleaner notes which then dives into a guttural scream, and goes off to pitch it off high. There’s a dynamic flow in the pitch that keeps switching back and forth, but his effort remains steady and intense throughout. The first few stanzas seem to have been improvised in Pritam’s own specific way, and the song is left with a rather deeper tone to it. By the second last stanza of the song, he surprises us even more with that stretched out scream for around 17 seconds! Pritam’s vocals came off as strong, firm, balanced and demonstrates quite an amazing range. Overall, it was quite a fresh piece and we definitely look forward to more of such well structured covers to be made in the future.

This cover is Pritam’s tribute to Chester. We hope that through his songs, Chester will always live among us. You can checkout Pritam’s other vocal covers in his YouTube channel as well as his Facebook profile.

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