Exalter, a thrash metal trio from Dhaka, Bangladesh incepted in the year 2013 currently signed with Transcending Obscurity Records, have just recently released their debut full-length album titled ‘Persecution Automated’ which consists of a total nine-ear-annihilating tracks-of-ear-piercing destruction.

Exalter Band Photo

If you haven’t heard or listened to it already then you’ve come to the right place. This is a review on a track titled ‘Clandestine Drone Warfare’ from the said full-length album. Come with me, have you a sharpen blade? Hold it close and let us carve the edges of the wall, brick-by-brick and we shall trudge upon this journey of chaos together.

Clandestine Drone Warfare, opens with a fast-low pitch searing riffage that pulls you in four seconds. It magnetizes your brain and as your blood rushes through your veins, you fall-trap into the unknown, then as you scream, there’s a bell that hasn’t been rung in a thousand years being shattered into fragments when the snare of the drum is ferociously hammered indicating the coming of war. For 36-seconds, there lasts an introduction to anarchy in the form of a fiery wind that burns the living.

‘Persecution Automated’ Album Artwork

From there on, the unknown takes its final form and swallows you whole into the silhouette wherein the corner of an eye you see a man as he slowly makes his way to you narrating a tale, whispering that “Pictures of children stare at the sky, Collateral damage was their name…” (Lines from the song), leaving you with glimpses of hints that children were slaughtered and killed in the name of war, and “Machines don’t understand truth or lie.” (Lines from the song)

The concept of the song circles around modern way and its weapon of mass destruction that cannot be seen since they all have wings now. An easy kill with an endless death but an inevitable prophecy where mankind will bring about his own destruction. The whole song from the very start till the end is an arduous indication that Exalter has such musical ingenuity to display sheer horror of our reality in the form of intense music. It has speed, it’s edgy-like-I-want-to-punch-someone compact, and a tonal palette that substantiated the band’s Facebook bio as Thrash assault since it was indeed an assault.

Get the album now and you won’t be disappointed. Click here.

Official Bandcamp click here.

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