We all know the Darjeeling based-death metal band Sycorax. Over the course of their career, the band has been evolving and have successfully set their mark in the Death Metal scene.

The band has a variety in their music which indicates influences from different genres such as Thrash, Technical, Slam and even Deathcore. Their latest track ‘The Fallen Miscreation’ was released a few months ago from their upcoming album titled ‘Sycotheraphy.’

Once you pop it, the riffs start hitting right from the start. It opens up with some crushing riffs and pounding drums. There’s a heavy groove section in the song where the band throws in some breakdowns that explode back into brutality. The guitars continue crushing with endless shredding throughout the entire song. I would also add an extra hell yeah for a sick guitar lick placed strategically in the song! There is a brief section of a bass break in the song right at the first minute of the track which gives the bass section the spotlight.

‌The drums are great and pretty fast with the kick drum thumping out loud but it also sounds balanced and compact, perfectly complimenting the brute-force vocals. To me, the vocals either makes or breaks the band and I think it has that “make – it” vibe. The vocals are brutal and powerful, especially when he lays those guttural squeals. ‌After listening to the track for a couple of times, I thought the bass guitar was a bit overpowered by the guitars. But that shortfall too went away the time I listened to note it down.

‌Lyrically, it deals with the downfall of humanity, how mankind will be the cause of its own destruction. Which among other things may include believing in false prophets, submission, egos and conquest.

All the members in the band are top-notch. It’s a solid track. Definitely looking forward to the album.

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